Death Poker

This was the titles for the short film “Death Poker”.

Death Power was an short film academic project. It was about a deadly game which revealed itself more and more dangerous at each turn.

Besides analysing the characters’ personalities, a research was made to get to the animations’ and illustrations’ final results. Each member of the crew was presented as a playing card.

Software used

Vectors: Illustrator
Animation: After Effects

Ficha técnica

Direction & Screewriting: Thiago Nascimento "Cirilo"
Pós-production: Elves Sousa
Shooting: Celso Borges
Production assistants: Fabiana Lumi and Mauro "Maroto"
Photographer: Bruno Lacerda
Soundtrack: Kevin MacLeod (
Actors: Bruno Nishiwaki, Carlos Kazunari, Mateus Fontes and Thiago "Cirilo"