Gazeta Esportiva

In Brazil if like following sport news it’s very likely that you’ve heard about or visited Gazeta Esportiva’s webiste.

The brand has a history of much tradition that goes from the printing press golden times to the last details in the player’s market.

The site in online for many years and many redesigns where made, but the CMS, that is, the system behind the news publishing and management, was already dated, filled with patches and in need of more.

Such structure was overwhelming the creation of news, special content and new areas. The site was locked to that layout e change it was an extremely hard and painful task, if not impossible. Because of it, it had to be redone from the ground up.

Gazeta Esportiva's old site Gazeta Esportiva’s old site

My part in this project was to create a base and the needed tools to ease the life of the users and turn the site into a more modern and responsive project. For this site, Wordpress was used. In a period of nine months, plugins and content types suited to the journalists’ needs were created.

I believe this project was the most challenging of my career. I had to unite my design and UX knowledge with programming skill to creat an environment where the news is the main concern and not the tool itself.