Orquestra da Graça

It was created to have the following qualities: Be fun to represent the joy of praising God, don’t have any privilege to a specific section, be dynamic as the music, easy to be used in various medias, easy to remember, attrative to the general audience.

It contains a G (Graça) and the O (Orquestra) gets out from the G shaping a spiral. With simple shapes, to be easy to remember. It can be used to represent the orchestra’s sections if it’s rotated in some degrees.

String section

Instead of creating many logos for all the different sections, the logo adapts itself to represent them. The largest section, the strings, was the first to be intended to enter in this adapting. But this should be done without changing any vertices, shapes or colors of the logo.

Thus, the strings section is presented with the logo slighty rotated, representing a scroll (the hand carved part in the top of violins, violas, cellos and basses).

Wood section

Following this concept of adapting to the orchestra’s section, the wood one could not be taken aside. The logo has an spiral shape, and this could make representation more diffcult. However, all woodwinds have one thing in common: they use breath.

We have a blow then, representing the spirit and inspiration, that are essential in these instruments.

Brass section

It’s a tuba!