Here are some side projects and repositories I've created in my spare time.

All projects (18)

  • gradeA flexbox grid for humans.3
  • next-intlSimple multilingual site made with Next.js2
  • nlw-01Projeto criado no Next Level Week #11
  • omnistack-11Repository for Omnistack #11. API + ReactJS + React Native.1
  • baseMy starting point for projects using gulp.
  • charmapCharmap: A simple character picker for everyone.
  • cronologiaA wordpress plugin to manage timelines using TimelineJS.
  • electron-baseA simple webpack + vue.js starting point for electron projects.
  • fotogramaInstagram clone made with a MERN Stack: MongoDB, Express, React and NodeJS. [Work in Progress]
  • gatsby-intlExample showing a multilingual blog with Gatsby.
  • gatsby-startA test site I made for learning GatsbyJS.
  • indiceA simple table of contents, in vanilla javascript.
  • limboA wordpress plugin for archiving old posts.
  • mapasA wordpress plugin to manage maps using StorymapsJS.
  • nlw-02Proffy - onde alunos encontram professores. Feito na Next Level Week #2.
  • nlw-03NLW #3
  • playerA player for HTML5, in vanilla Javascript.
  • telaElectron app for screen recording.