Terça Livre Academy

This is a title sequence created for Terça Livre Academy, an online education project made by Terça Livre TV.

About TL Academy

Terça Livre Academy's intention is to restore academic life's meaning, to search for intectuality, not just focus in the formation of professional to the market.

My role

I was responsible for the concept and creation of the product's title sequence. It was necessary to create an art that could bring up high culture, search for knowledge and the values that Terça Livre Academy promotes. I believe this mission was accomplished!


The main idea was to showcase the many knowledge areas that are featured on the online curse, like philosophy, history and language use.


This software was used for modeling the 3D elements.

Education was not meant for workforce, but to elevate wisdom and intellect of an individual, Terça Livre Academy is not just for you to take a paper like a degree or certificate, but wisdom as a friend and partner at all times. Terça Livre Academy