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Gazeta Esportiva Portal

If you are a Brazilian and like sports news, it's very likely you've already visited Gazeta Esportiva's site.

For a long time the site is active and many reformulations happened, however, the system behind the management of news and publications was very clunky, full of bugs fixed and yet to fix.

Such system made the creation of articles, specials and new areas really challenging. The site was locked to one way of doing things, and change it was an extremely hard task. Thus, it had to be rebuilt from ground up.

My role

In this project, my role was to creat to create the base theme and tools needed to enhance the user experience, while making the site more modern and responsive. Wordpress was used as the CMS. For over nine months, plugins and custom post types were created, suite to the writers needs, people I maintained a very close contact.

I believe this project was the most challenging one in my career. I had to unite my design and usability knowledge with my programming skills to build an environments were the news are the main concern, not the system.

Tech Stack







I had to get out of my comfort zone as a designer and dive deep in programming. Many plugins and themes used in the portal were developped by me, or started by me and improved by other memebers of the team later.


As you see in the image, the site had an old layout and lots of legacy code. It was really hard to work with it and make changes.

Completely rewritten

All code was made from the ground up, using Wordpress as the CMS, to increase the productivity of the writing team.

Homepage layout

I had the challeging task of developping the homepage creation plugin. It provided great ease on positioning the news in the layout.

Special content

With the new design, a new article format could be introduced, the "Special articles", another plugin developped by me. Now, journalists had the possibility of showcasing their texts in a clean and attractive way.

Healthy Life

In this product, I made the base theme to be manipulated by the design staff and updated by the writing team.


I was responsible for developping the base where this area was built on. This project uses a flexbox grid I made in Sass, named Grade, witch help a lot putting the itens on place.


In order to being able to show championship tables, teams, and championship pages, I made a plugin to plugin to provide it.

Watch the video about the new portal release (in portuguese).


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