Student ID

The International and National Student Center, INSC - UBEN - is a non-profit student representation organization. Currently, it develops a continuous and progressive work, offering discounts to associated students through agreements and guaranteed by federal, state, municipal and district laws, exchanges, identification technology that ensures authenticity and security.

The problem

In 2017, there was a need ease the process of issuing and emission of a student card. For this reason, the Student ID was created: a simple and objective site, so that you can apply for a student ID and check the current status of the document.

The solution

For this, it was necessary to develop a system to mediate requests and emissions. This project not only included design, but development, with research on ways to process and manage of orders, increasing productivity. The result was a system easy to use, and a pleasant website.

Simple forms

Easy to use request form. Only with all field filled in the request is completed.

Custom plugin

For the digital certificate emission, a plugin was made to ease the process.

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