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In 2014 the TV website underwent a transformation. Previously, each program had its own site, operating in a decentralized manner. The objective was to gather all the TV content into a single portal, so that the user could stay as long as possible inside it.

In addition, two areas users wished for a long time were created: videos and recipes. TV Gazeta is known for its vast content of recipes, but there was nothing dedicated to this. This area was created, and since then it is one of the most visited ones.

The video area was no different. Since 2010, Gazeta has been taking its video collection seriously, making it accessible via YouTube, but this was taking users off the site. Therefore, an area was established for the video content with a personalized player and its own identity.

Old site

Previously, each program had a separate website. This made the integration of its contents unnecessarily complex.

New face

A portal with everything related to TV Gazeta was created. The theme is responsible for the structure.


A specific area for videos has been created. I developed a plugin to ease the process of updating and maintaining this area.


Another area that had always been in high demand and that had not yet been created was the recipes one. I also had to develop a tool for editing this type of content.

Video of the portal release, in 2014.
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