Rogério Ratão

Site created for the sculptor and ceramist Rogério Ratão. This was a redesign of his homepage.

An artist that has visual limitations, but uses his body as a guide and creates wonderful works in ceramic and copper. This project has a very minimalist appearance, that follows the artist’s style and is accessible to screen reader, that is, a blind person could browse in the site easily.

Elves made something rare nowadays: he managed to create a clear and beautiful site, without that link profusion that turns any page scary, visually polluted. Rogério Ratão – sculptor and ceramist

To make the adjustments, however, it’s necessary get inside a different world, with no shapes, no colors, just references. So I installed the softwares needed to test. I created the pages in a simple and persistent structure, which does not allow the user to get lost in the site, such an easy thing when using assistive technology. Below Rogério’s opinions:

In my site, we can navigate easily and what is featured is my work, not his. I definitely recommend his services. Rogério Ratão – sculptor and ceramist